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We love making cakes for celebrations and parties, and would love to be part of your event!

Please fill in this form for cake & dessert enquiries for your celebration. The information below would help me to have a better understanding on your requirement, so as to facilitate a more efficient cake quote.

Do understand that I will not be able to replicate another cake artist’s cake exactly. I would be happy to use certain elements from the cake design + some of my cake styles, to also better reflect uniqueness on the celebration cakes.

A quote will be emailed to you in about 1-2 business day. Thank you for your time!

This helps me to estimate a cake size that minimizes food wastage. My cake serving is about 1"x2"x4" for customised cakes.
Air-Con / Room Temperature / Void Deck / Not Sure Yet
For Standard Cakes, simply let us know the cake name. || For Customised Cakes, please provide a short description of the design you have in mind. Eg. characters or theme, fondant topper, paper topper, pastel colors, rainbow colors, etc.


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